2021 Season

Age/Weight Matrix


Freshman Division

Age/Max. Wt.

9 year old/120 lbs.

10 year old/100 lbs.

11 year old/80 lbs.**

9 year old X-Player No Limit 

10 year old X-Player 130 lbs.

No 11 year old X-Player allowed

Sophomore Division

Age/Max. Wt.

10 year old/130 lbs.

11 year old/110 lbs.

12 year old/85 lbs.**

10 year old X-Player No Limit 

11 year old X-Player 140 lbs.

No 12 year old X-Player allowed


Junior Division

Age/Max. Wt.

11 year old/140 lbs.

12 year old/120 lbs.

13 year old/100 lbs.**

11 year old X-Player No Limit 

12 year old X-Player 160 lbs.

No 13 year old X-Player allowed

Senior Division (2 Teams)

Age/Max. Wt.

12 year old/180 lbs.

13 year old/170 lbs.

14 year old/160 lbs.

12 year old X-Player No Limit

13 year old X-Player No Limit

14 year old X-Player No Limit

We will not field a Mighty Mite or Bantam team this season



(**) 5 lb. increase from the division maximum weight for playoffs (10 lb. increase for all others)


Players will be weighed in shorts (no shoes, socks, shirts) before the season. There are NO weigh-ins on game days. Players will be weighed again (if applicable) before the play-offs and will be permitted to weigh 5 or 10 lbs. over the maximum weight allowed for that division.

​​​​​​"X" Player Definitions & Rules

"X" players are only allowed to play center, offensive guard & offensive tackle (if covered up by another player) on offense, and defensive line on defense. No more than three "X" players are allowed on the field per team at the same time. No "X" player can intentionally carry the football. "X" players must play in a 3 or 4-point stance on defense & line up in the official tackle box. On offense an "X" player must be in a 3-point stance.

The "X" player rule was designed to allow children who are over the maximum weight to play tackle football within their age group while maintaining the integrity and safety of the game. 

American & National Division Differences

The American Division is primarily for children who are newer to football or smaller/younger for that particular division. The National division is a more advanced group of children.